Khelraja is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your live casino game fantasies. Bringing you a combination of sexy and smart, Khelraja mesmerises you with some of the best casino games in India. Savour the essence of the French Roulette or breeze through every Blackjack round, the choice is yours. We just promise you some extravagance coupled with style in every window of Khelraja.

Khelraja is in awe of the diversity that India has. To make things spectacular for every player, we have especially designed different themes and languages that further add that extra spice to your love for casinos. The most beautiful hosts by Khelraja are waiting to change your day into the most memorable one!


Why is Khelraja the Best Online Casino App in India to Make Money?

Khelraja is the best because we made it the best. Our team makes every game, every visit and every bonus enchanting. You don’t want your pages to be bombarded with ads redirecting you to practically every space on earth. We know the concentration it takes to focus on the cards and the games. As we come with a promise of the real casino flavours, we serve it to you on a platter without any unnecessary seasonings.

Need more reasons why you should play live casino games online with us?

  1. Wide Array of Live Casino Games: Khelraja is the home for every kind of player. You shouldn't have to switch a website, looking for your favourite online casino game. Not everyone can be the master of every game. At Khelraja, you can find every type of casino game that you can dream of. Starting with roulettes, blackjacks, andar bahar and baccarat, we have it all. Our live casino app download makes the gaming experience out of this world.
  2. Assortment of themes added to the mix: Khelraja is set on innovation and giving you the real Las Vegas experience. Our themes reflect ambience, style, aesthetics and much more. Grab the vibes that motivate you the most and get set to go on an adventure that will change your life forever.
  3. Unbelievable Bonuses: When you come to the best online casino app in India, you should expect nothing less than the best live casino bonuses. If you are here, all you want is a bucket load of money to take home.. Isn’t that right? We have so many bonuses lined up for you, that you won’t know where to start from. Now, if you already have some winnings at hand, you won’t have to stop at the chance of getting some more from your favourite casino games. Stop at nothing, when it is about winning! Khelraja gives you your first big win with our Reload bonuses.
  4. Customer Support that never ends: When you are riding on your streak, you don’t want any interruptions to it.. Right? Khelraja has a responsive and swift team of experts sitting right behind you. We have your back! Don’t let that streak fizz out. We are right here to help you solve any possible problem that might come your way.

Play India's best blackjack and roulette games online with instant withdrawal facilities! Khelraja is your best bet for a spin casino. We leave no stone unturned in giving you exactly what you need. You don't sit around waiting for an ATM machine to give you the money right? You enter your pin and get your money instantly. At Khelraja, withdrawal is actually that easy. Earn big, withdraw and have fun! Let’s get this party started already with the best live casino app download!


How to Pick the Best Online Casino in India?

If you have decided to start playing online casinos in India, the best way to decide the most suitable website is to have a checklist in your hand. What are the things that you think should be ideally present in a casino website for you to actually win real money or have a great time? Let us give you a brief summary of the things that you should technically consider.

The first thing that you must check out is the safety and security of the website. Is the website legible? Are there reviews of the website present? Do the payment methods and withdrawal methods work? An online casino would always be licensed and be able to show that. At Khelraja, we share all the important information about our website for you to be able to trust us. We also share reviews by our existing players for you to trust us even more.

The second important thing to consider is the presence of a diverse choice of spin casino games. Some websites tend to stick to one or more games and bore you out of your mind, until you choose to pick a better website to consider. The best online casino app in India like Khelraja brings to you a big variety of games to pick from. If you are good at one game, it does not mean you cannot be good at the other one. Try your hand at different games and see where you can achieve your mastery in the true sense of the word. So, pick a website that gives you diversity to choose from.

The third most crucial factor to check out before you start playing at a casino website are the bonuses. Many websites give their players bonuses and promotional offers from time to time. Don’t be at a losing end in a hurry. Check out different websites and see which bonuses offer the most promise and the best offers on deposits and sign ups. At Khelraja, we have set up a large number of bonuses for you to pick. For every new player, we have a big bonus lined up. For the loyal customers as well, we bring our bonuses and offers every month and every day. You certainly cannot miss the amount of fun that you are going to be having with us.

The fourth factor that you would want to consider is the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits. Some websites might want you to deposit a high amount of money before they can let you start playing. No one would want to risk a lot of money on a casino website from the first start, right? So, you need a website that allows you to start small and withdraw funds whenever you want. At Khelraja, we give you exactly that facility. Start small until you trust us and become familiar with the process. We also have a diverse payment and withdrawal options that will suit anyone.

Lastly, make sure there is a customer support facility available 24*7. If you get stuck somewhere or can’t figure a way out of a problem, you would definitely want the website to be available at your beck and call. That is exactly what Khelraja does as the best blackjack and roulette games online app in India. We have a strong team of customer support professionals who are ready to serve you. Our executives are available through varied means of communication. Our main goal is to help you win big. You are here to do exactly that, right? So, we are right here. We help you every step of the way but you have to lift the first foot right? Let’s get you on board right away!


What are the Advantages of Playing the Best Casino Games in India?

As the popularity of blackjack and roulette games online is increasing, a lot of people question the benefits of actually playing spin casino or other games that have become the talk of the town. If you have not tried exploring casino games then the time is now. Some of the main benefits of actually starting these exciting games are as follows:

  1. It's secure and safe. Majority of the online casino websites in India offer a safe space for players to enjoy casino games right from their comfort zone. Protection of financial information is one of the basic safety measures that are taken. The confidential information of the players is locked and random numbers are generated to ensure that the games are fair as well.
  2. An extensive library of games is another big benefit of venturing into online casino games. Not everyone can be good at all casino games. What everyone needs is a bouquet of choices. Casinos can include a big variety of games like blackjack, roulette, andar bahar, poker, monopoly live, baccarat and much more. You would definitely want to play on a website that has it all. Rules of every game are different so make sure you check that out before you set out to play.
  3. Casino gaming websites in India offer a big range of bonuses and promotions. From daily bonuses to monthly offers, there are several options that are presented to the players. Many websites also offer free spins to players. The more rewards you win, the more likely you are to get additional bonuses.
  4. The payment options on the online casino websites in India are flexible. There are several methods that are presented in front of players to ease the payment process. Not only this but the withdrawal systems are also smooth, fast and have several options. It is for the player to decide which one suits them the most.
  5. The main benefit is the ease of use. You can find online casino games apps in India that offer the same functionalities as that of the website. You can practically play from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at home, in the office or at a boring party, enjoying casino games can add that fun and spark that you were missing. When you are winning big, your confidence level can go through the roof.


What are the Responsible Online Casino Gaming Practices?

While gambling has several benefits, it can also have some drawbacks that every player should be aware of. Anything that is done out of the ordinary for a long period of time can have its negative effects. Let’s check out the leading principles of responsible online casino gaming:

  1. Casino games should only be played if you can afford to stake the money in the games. The extra money that you might have in your pockets is the only money that you should spend on gaming. It is a leisure activity after all, that gives you the best way to pass time. If any individual starts experiencing financial difficulties because of the gambling practice, they can walk away from it at any given point of time.
  2. Online casino games websites offer safe and fair practices that are essential for any player. That might not be the same in traditional casino stations. The websites include fair practices that ensure that a player wins on their skill and capabilities. The operations are held as per the compliance standards and fair chances are given to players to make the kind of money that they expect and deserve.
  3. Players tend to download the best online casino app in India but sometimes get addicted to gambling. This can be a menace to society and the community. A player must make sure that the investment in betting is done only through extra income. It should not be treated as another mode of income or loans/debts should not be taken to play in the casino games.
  4. Players should be responsible for their own actions. The negative impact of the online casino gaming facilities can be reduced by the website owners to only a certain extent. The main contribution should be done by the players. Education on responsible gambling practices should be given.
  5. When players take loans to play in casino games, they might start having financial troubles. This can have a negative impact on the family as well and lead to legal battles. When such things happen, players start feeling health issues. It is a vicious circle that can be difficult to break out of. That is the very reason that responsible gambling is promoted by all major websites and online casino gaming websites in India.